Oregon Logging Conference

Today I was reminded by my dad that i should write down what I am learning in school, work and internships so that I “can remember what you know by the time you are as old as me.” It was a friendly reminder that I need to start this blog. I will spend the next few posts catching up on my internship in Oregon, and other noteworthy events I wished I’d already recorded.

The Oregon Logging Conference is where I begin because it covers two reason I want to blog:

  • To record and to share what I am learning
  • Capture interesting events, people,  and photos of the spirit of the timber industry

I was lucky to have my parents visit me during my internship in Eugene. My dad had “always wanted to go to the Oregon Logging Conference” and had never been. Me living in Oregon presented an ideal time for him to go.

Logging Conferences are a tradition for my dad and I. We go to the Sierra Cascade Logging Conference in Anderson, CA and The Redwood Region Logging Conference in Ukiah/Eureka, CA (biennial) each year.

It is a time to see old friends and meet new ones. A logging conference is a place to share new ideas about the timber industry and learn from old ones. Features of most shows, including this February’s 74th Annual Oregon Logging Conference held in Eugene, Oregon, are an education day, hands on classes for pro logger certification and other training, an equipment show, and scholarship auction.

Most amazing to me was to see bearded, hickory work shirt adorn men swarming the otherwise typical Eugene local or college student dominated town. It was comforting to me because loggers are genuinely a group of people passionate about their environment, work, family and future of the industry.




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