Arbor Day

The Cal Poly Logging Team helped celebrate Arbor Day with the Grover Beach Boys and Girls Club. Nearly 100 K-6th graders had the opportunity to learn about the multiple uses of trees, having a career in the outdoors and about being a college student. The team cut a “tree cookie” with our crosscut saw and explained the many things you can learn from a tree cookie: tree type, age, how a tree grows, if there was a fire.

The kids really enjoyed the saw demonstration, counting the rings and sharing stories about their favorite trees. It was a good opportunity to promote the “celebration” of trees. One question the kids asked was something along the lines of “If you love trees why do you cut them down?” The message that there can and should be a balance of harvesting, replanting and using timber products is important and something the kids went home with this Arbor Day.

For more information visit

The Arbor Day Foundation website has an interesting article about the creator of Arbor Day J. Sterling Morton.


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