70% of California Lumber is Imported

Have you thought about where your lumber, paper and wood products are harvested and produced? Californians have put in place many regulations on the timber industry but use lumber and paper products from other states and countries with regulations that pale in comparison to ours.

Does this make sense to you?

California produces high quality, sustainable grown lumber but the growing costs put in place by our standards and regulations exceed the world’s standards, increasing our production costs. Help California lead by example, support California’s timber industry, California jobs and economy. Support the Timber Harvest (THP) Reform Package in the 2012 California State Budget.

In the last 10 years, 27 wood products manufacturers have closed. This leaves only 36  in operation statewide. It has become very difficult for small/medium forest landowners to implement important but expensive regulations. Additionally, the Department of Finance and regulatory agencies continue to seek more forestland owner fees, which will further push jobs, lumber production and forest management out of California.

We have chosen to allow these fees and regulations so we must make the process more efficient and support California grown lumber. Support the THP Reform Package.


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