Why I Support California’s THP Reform Package

At work this Friday I was walking along what was once a logging railroad. I was reminded by this old railroad grade of the progress and history of the timber industry in California.  I was reminded of my place in this industry.

I am the fourth generation of my family to be working in forestry in Humboldt County, CA. My family has been clothed, fed and had a roof put over our heads by working in the woods for nearly 100 years. My great grandfather worked when the timber industry was booming and the German mechanical engineer, Andreas Stihl had recently patented the “Cutoff Chain Saw for Electric Power”. My grandfather was a timber feller, logger and log truck driver. My father worked in many of the same forests falling trees as his father and grandfather had done.

This summer I am working on a monitoring program that evaluates fish habitat and levels of sediment in streams that flow in the forests my family has worked in for years. Without today’s modern timber industry how would we be monitoring and improving this habitat? The company that I work for is investing today to ensure the health of our streams, air, water, wildlife, soils and forest land in the future.

Measuring stream depth with a stadia rod.

The timber industry is constantly improving in science based methods and practices that make forestry an integral part of California environmental quality. Legislation and regulation has made both positive and negative changes for the Timber Industry. The THP Reform Package does not alter these important and strict environmental protection rules but rather helps these rules work more efficiently.  We are working today to mitigate management issues from the past because people in the timber industry care about forests for the future.

The THP Reform Package is yet another step in the right direction to improve our industry. The THP Reform Package can help make forestry more efficient in the preparation of our plans so there is more time for foresters to focus on improving management. It helps create the jobs California needs.

As I walked along that old railroad grade I thought of not only those before me but future forest managers that will come after me. Forest management is an investment in the future and we did not get here today without hard work and change.

I am signing this petition to support California’s THP Reform Package. Support progress and efficiency. Support jobs and forests for the future.

Why do you support the THP Reform Package?

Sign my online petition before I send it to the state legislature this Monday on  change.org.

Forest management can positively benefit our streams, air, soils and wildlife.


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