Make your voice heard!

I hope everyone had a good fourth of July. Exercise your right as an American to participate in this legislative process, make your voice heard today!

The THP Reform Package is good for California and the sustainable management of our natural resources. It would make local, California-grown wood more competitive and  The reforms will help stimulate rural economies. During the past 20 years, California lumber mills and factories have closed at an alarmingly high rate. More than 80 percent of those mills have been shutdown because they were unable to remain competitive as regulation forced production costs to unsustainable and uncompetitive levels.The THP Reform Package can help improve and streamline the regulatory process, generating economic activity while maintaining environmental protection.

Thank you for signing the petition and supporting California’s Timber Industry.
The THP Reform Package will most likely be voted on by this Friday before the legislature takes their summer recess.

If you have not yet signed the peition  you can still sign before Friday afternoon at

Two members are holding up the ability to pass the THP Reform Package. A call from them in support of the jobs the THP Package will provide for California may help convince them.If this is important to you a quick call to the following two members can really make a difference in passing the THP Reform Package.I appreciate your help already in signing the petition.

Please call or email today or Friday, help this pass!

1st District Senator Ted Gaines
Phone: (916) 651-4001

4th District Senator Doug LaMalfa
Phone: (916) 651-4004
Email: a simple form on his website

The best time to call is between 9am-5pm, and you will most likely speak to their staffers. These two senators are the most important calls as they currently are not supporting the package. I will also be calling my district senator to make sure they still support the THP Reform Package.

Let them know who you are, where you work or go to school, and briefly why you support the THP Reform Package in the governor’s May budget revision and the jobs it will provide for California.

Make your voice heard!


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