Recess and Recreation

Today the legislature reconvenes from summer recess. I hope the rest of us are finding time to hike, bike, swim, camp, fish or just relaxing in the fresh air and sunshine before summer is over. Recreation is one of the benefits that both public and private forestland can provide.

The trails we walk along, trees we admire, streams we swim in and lakes we float on are surrounded by both public and private lands. While some of the access to private lands is restricted, many private landowners enjoy sharing their resources with the public.

What could harm our summertime fun? The Moonlight Fire ruling from a federal case earlier this month causes landowners to be held responsible for any fire, no matter the cause of ignition, that burns from private to public land. This liability burden on private landowners may reduce their ability to open lands to the public. The risk is just too great.

The THP Reform Package can help curb the excessive wildfire liability that may reduce public access.

Besides important recreation access, how else might this  affect you? Take a look at these maps showing the public lands and fire risk in California. Forestland owners are not the only ones at risk for liability claims from the federal government. Do you live in a high fire risk area or is your favorite campground at risk of closure because of these new liabilities? How can the THP Reform Package benefit you?

Fire Threat Map

Land Ownership in California

There is hope to help manage the precedent set by the Moonlight Fire settlement on wildfire liability. Contact your Senators and let them know you SUPPORT the Timber Harvest Reform Package in Governor Brown’s proposed budget. Recess is over, its time to support recreation on our private forest lands. Support the THP Reform Package!

For more information view California Forestry Associations press release Closure of Public Access Considered _ 8 6 12.

To make an impact contact the legislature directly!

If you ARE NOT in Senator LaMalfa’s or Senator Gaine’s districts they prefer email corespondence:


To reach Senator Doug LaMalfa, you may contact him through his Legislative Director Kevin Eastman. 

Kevin’s contact information is:

To reach Senator Ted Gaines, you may contact him via email at:


If you are IN either Senator LaMalfa’s or Senator Gaine’s districts, use the contact information below:


Senator Doug La Malfa, District 04 Republican

Capitol Office

State Capitol, Room 3070, Sacramento, CA 95814-4900; (916) 651-4004

Senator Ted Gaines, District 01 Republican

Capitol Office

State Capitol, Room 3056, Sacramento, CA 95814-4900; (916) 651-4001


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