Finland, Fish and Fair

Today I leave for my study abroad program in Finland. This trip to Finland came quickly this summer as I was pretty occupied with fish, fishing, friends, frogs, family and following the THP Reform Package. I will continue to post updates regarding the THP Reform Package but you can follow the legislation on California Legislative Counsel’s web site searching for AB 1492.

I will begin posting about Finland culture, forestry and agriculture this weekend. I hope to be a bit more consistent and balanced on this blog, posting about twice a week on a range of topics and continuing  to post about important California issues during this adventure, transfusing cultures.

Friday was my last day of work this summer. I want to thank those I worked with who taught me about the important role monitoring plays in forest management. The picture below shows a densiometer that I used to estimate the forest canopy covering the streams, one of the many measurements we recorded this summer in the creek.

I used this spherical densiometer to estimate forest canopy coverage

It has been a busy summer for me snorkeling for fish  and participating in a habitat trends monitoring project that evaluates a creek’s ability to support healthy fish populations. A huge benefit to our private forestlands is the opportunity to study the health of our streams and the abundance of habitat they provide for wildlife.

This summer was also a huge lesson in adaption, fish are very adapt to camouflage into their surroundings. Can you identify the creatures in the underwater photo below?

Ill let you try to identify these and post the answer later but they blend in pretty well don’t they?

My final topic today is a thank you to those that participated in the Humboldt County Fair’s Junior Livestock Sale of Champions Sunday. A lot of work is accomplished by the community for this event to be successful from the FFA and 4-H students who diligently raise their animals to the community members (including Natural Resource and Timber companies) that purchase them at the sale. I cannot say enough about the positive impact FFA and 4-H has on students since selling animals at the Humboldt County Fair is a large part of paying for college for me.

The crowd of livestock buyers at the Humboldt County Fair’s Sale of Champions.

I am so thankful to have been raised in a community with bountiful resources and support. Goodbye California, see you in December.  Hello Finland, I look forward to this awesome opportunity.


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