Two blogs? I know it sounds crazy but this seemed like the best way to stay organized. Follow my Finland Blog, Logger’s Daughter (metsurin tytär) and learn about Finland’s Forestry, Agriculture and Adventure.

Logger's Daughter (metsurin tytär)

Day 1- 3

Meat and Potatoes

These following photos of the festival show a lot about the culture, as food often does, of Finland.

I landed in Finland, asked a few nice people in the airport how to take a train to down Helsinki and stepped off the bus into Syytoberfest a food and beer festival and really arrived in Finland instantly.

This was good because the thought of moving across the world for three months had not quite settled. These first few days have been a whirlwind romance with Finland and I realized quite quickly that I needed a separate blog from Logger’s Daughter to keep updates on this study abroad experience organized thus Logger’s Daughter, metsurin tytär, in Finnish has been created.

This blog is for my friends, family and Cal Poly classmates to share this experience but also for anyone interested in another culture, Finland, and…

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