Arriving in Finland, Day 1-3

Day 1- 3

Meat and Potatoes

These following photos of the festival show a lot about the culture, as food often does, of Finland.

I landed in Finland, asked a few nice people in the airport how to take a train to down Helsinki and stepped off the bus into Syytoberfest a food and beer festival and really arrived in Finland instantly.

This was good because the thought of moving across the world for three months had not quite settled. These first few days have been a whirlwind romance with Finland and I realized quite quickly that I needed a separate blog from Logger’s Daughter to keep updates on this study abroad experience organized thus Logger’s Daughter, metsurin tytär, in Finnish has been created.

This blog is for my friends, family and Cal Poly classmates to share this experience but also for anyone interested in another culture, Finland, and the way agriculture and forestry is done in a different place, different soil.

Walk Around Helsinki

Later that day I wandered around the city exploring a bit, I found some beautiful buildings, faces, stores, sites and museums in Finland’s largest city, Helsinki.

I eventually made my way to the hostel (thankfully and accidentally ending up in city hall where I acquired a map and directions) to I met up with the three other Cal Poly girls.

I was a bit disappointed because I thought our hostel was actually in this tower from the 1952 Summer Olympic Games, however the hostel was just past the tower.

The Farm

The next morning we were picked up by Antti, the Dean of SeAMK’s Forestry and Agriculture Studies and then picked up the 5th Cal Poly student at the airport.

We stopped in the city at an outdoor market, and walked around town. Then we traveled about an hour to Antti’s farm in Kouvola, Southern Finland.

The farm was stunning and the Pasila family’s hospitality absolutely amazing.

Antii’s Farm

We are so thankful for the good nights rest, meals and for being welcomed so generously to their home. We had many good conversations comparing education, economy and agriculture over some traditional Finnish meals. My favorite thing in Finland so far may be the run Melissa and I took that afternoon in the picturesque farmscape.

How beautiful is Finland? I must say I am in love with this country so far. More to come as this third day in Finland we travel to Ilmajoki and the house we will be staying at while attending class (starting tomorrow) through November.


3 thoughts on “Arriving in Finland, Day 1-3

    • Yes, I hope to have an update to the THP Reform Package this Monday evening. The 10 hour time difference may cause some delays. I would like to continue to update on California Forestry Issues, the Finland blog will have many more posts, since it will be part of my class credit for the study abroad.

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