Trip to Tuomarniemi


Tuesday we traveled to Tuomarniemi as our welcome to SeAMK continued. Tuomarniemi is a SeAMK campus that specializes in forestry and we will be taking class trips there for our silviculture class. This trip was focused on team-building games. Some Finnish students are shy to speak English but many are very willing to help translate the rules and jokes and other information shared. We are very thankful that we have not met one rude or unkind Finnish person. Everyone is helpful and kind. This second day everyone warmed up a bit, started talking and having more fun.

The best thing this day was finding this statue of the loggers using the crosscut saw. Melissa’s Google search for Finland months before this trip showed us the statue below. The three of us who are on Cal Poly’s Logging Sports Team, and use a saw like this were pretty excited to find the statue.

Later that afternoon we participated in the most important Finnish tradition, taking a sauna and jumping in the lake. Did you know Finland has nearly 200,000 lakes?

The afternoon ended with coffee, sausage and pancakes around the fire amongst the wild blueberries and tall spruce trees.

Tomorrow brings our first Finnish lesson, which we welcome; walking around not understanding the language is an interesting challenge.


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