Just after midnight the 2011-12 regular legislative session ended and the legislature has passed the THP Reform Package on to Governor Brown’s desk.

The THP Reform Package, Assembly Bill 1492, is an important piece of progress for California’s renewable industry. Forestry has the potential to provide jobs, boost the economy and keep California beautiful.  This reform supports California jobs and will help to balance and fund the delicate regulatory over site of the lumber products industry. Forestry provides wood for our homes, land for recreation and habitat for wildlife.

Thank you to everyone who voiced their opinions regarding this important advancement for California jobs and the California timber industry! Want to continue to help this process? Send Governor Brown a line at

This is a link from the Sacramento Bee about the reform:

Thank you for reading Logger’s Daughter, I hope you are learning a bit about the California legislative process and California forestry. I hope to share more about the reform with you very soon.


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