Finnish Father’s Day

A tradition borrowed from the USA, today is Father’s day in Finland. I  have a great Dad to be thankful for, as strong and thick barked as  one of the oak trees in the front yard,  I can count on him to turn off his excavator,  set down his chainsaw or hangup another  call to answer my silly and unpredictable Skype numbers and listen to my adventures. His phone calls always fill my serving of homesickness, offering ladles of news from “the hill” (Kneeland, CA), weather, cow  and work reports.Very rarely do I have a conversation that I do not receive some sort of pearly wisdom regarding troubles of the world,my future dream job, friends, love and liberty. I really can’t explain, and have tears while writing this post, how much this  tall, woodman’s leathery words perfectly paint pictures.

Trip to Hawaii with my Dad this spring.

I am thankful I get a lot of my quarky words , steady smile, dark eyes and love of  the forests from him.  I am lucky and happy to have grown up in one of the most beautiful places, with a safe home, kind neighbors, family and with many things that can easily be taken for granted like fresh air, enough food to eat and freedom. Why I am constantly motivated to travel away from this place has us both confused, but most of all I hope I can embody his giving spirit and work ethic because that is his greatest strength. Love you Dad.  XOXO logger’s daughter

Home in Kneeland, CA

My fellow exchange student, blogger (green girl abroad) and lucky daughter  Melissa had a great visit with her Dad a few weeks ago here in Finland. In Europe for business, Melissa’s Dad was able to make a stop in our rather rural location in Illmajoki and absolutely treated us to a once in a lifetime night in Helsinki. I am so thankful he treated me just like one of his own kids  walking with us through the city as an experienced traveler, friend and a genuinely good guy!

City Hall Helsinki

Helsinki Harbor

Fishermen Herring Festival in Helsinki

One of the highlights was a ferry trip to the Suomenlinna Sea Fortress Island Melissa and I would have probably never thought of visiting without his advice and accompaniment. I definitely recommend  spending a few hours on Suomenlinna, if you can make it to Finland. The island offers a different flavor of history and life than the mainland. Otherwise visit one of Finland’s other 455 inhabited islands, or one tens of thousands  of recreational use islands. Like I learned with my Dad on our trip to Hawaii this year and like Melissa and I learned in Finland, traveling with your Dad is great, traveling to an island with your Dad is even better. Thank you for a great trip Rick and thanks for sharing your Dad Melissa, you have such a good one too!

Helsinki Harbor Island Map

19th century defense line of this sea fortress.

Beach glass

Pretty Daughter and Proud Papa


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